Public Values

Rethinking Value and What is an Ethic of Care?

Some reflections on ideas about changing the paradigm of Value we collectively use to determine and shape individual and community wellbeing. Interested in your views and/or links to further readings/listening/viewing on this that you have found thought-provoking.

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Leadership and Culture

No leadership truly exists in isolation of its context, and in the case of organisational leadership, leaders are influenced by and exist within the culture of the community the organisation serves. Leaders wishing to lead effective organisational cultures need to understand that they do so in the context of a bigger culture they are in.

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Helping others find courage for change

Taking courage to lead others is mainly an individual endeavour, but how can leaders enable their colleagues and teams to prepare for change and develop their own courage, especially for change they do not know is coming their way? How can leaders help overcome the impact of their courage, on others?

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