Labels and Leadership

People are complex machines. We interact with others, experiences and our own internal drivers, the output of which is how we show up in the world. Though there exists a number of models that describe the various ways we behave, think and feel, what is true is we will often modify ourselves according to our environment. The opportunity is knowing this beforehand so we can maximise interactions with others.

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How to Design Think Your Leadership

Design thinking enables rapid innovation processes to investigate needs for users and design solutions to meet these needs. This human-centred methodology can also be used by leaders to intentionally shape their practice and refine it. Have you intentionally designed your leadership approach? Follow these five stages to see if there are any areas for refinement or development.

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For the Love of Data

As a self-confessed data nerd, my love of data comes from the insights it can provide. Here are 12 key tips to keep in mind when approaching the collection and use of data individually, and as an organisation. Also, what leaders need to do to enable a great data gathering and sharing culture.

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