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Being an effective manager in any job – be it a manager of people, yourself or resources – requires a conscious effort of application of knowledge and tactics that have been proven to be effective. This updated version of a classic management guide, the One Minute Manager written by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, provides a modern and revised look at three key secrets to help managers be more productive, support their teams more effectively and to do so with less stress.

Having led large teams and small, I really enjoyed the simple ideas that were outlined in this book. I won’t give them all away, but one I really liked was the first idea of developing One Minute Goals. The idea behind this is that if you can get your team members to determine the goals they wish to achieve in their job in a short paragraph, it is more easily understand, communicated and remembered. The book doesn’t go into details about goal setting tactics, because it is simple with its explanation. If you can articulate the problem you have identified and what it is that, when realised, will solve that problem, in less than one minute, that’s your goal – your focus.

Apply it

Here, have a go. Use this simple sentence stem to type up a goal you want to focus on in your work or personal life.

The problem you are trying to solve is….and when you have solved it, it will look/feel/sound like….


Read it

Written and updated to reflect a change in organisational cultures that sees more people searching for a work-life balance, alignment of values in their work and persona lives, and a manager that leads alongside them rather than from above, this book is a refreshing and quick read, or listen, to prompt your thinking about how to be a more effective manager in your workplace.

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