I love learning. I love the discoveries that come from trying something new, or something familiar but in a different way. I thrive on conversations and debates that test accepted norms and assumptions that deepens understanding and inspires me to live a better life and contribute to a better life for others.

I believe it is through the investigation of ideas and concepts that we can uncover efficiencies in our practice as professionals, moments of Flow (as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes) in our personal lives, and have the opportunity to create and/or contribute to a work in which the experience for all in society is as empowering and energising as can be.

These are just some of the fundamentals that drive me, and why I decided to write a blog on a semi-regular basis that picks up on the themes of leadership (self and others), learning and exploring ideas and issues. I am passionate about helping others discover a better version of themselves so that they might live a richer, more fulfilling life. I bring this attitude to my work in professional learning and leadership development, and in my leadership practice and interactions with others. I model this in my own practice through consistent and challenging learning, both reflecting on my behaviours and dispositions and in studying the lives of others and the insights they share.

My pathway of discovery has brought me to a point in my life where I wish to share the thoughts, ideas, insights and concepts that have inspired and helped me, with others. If a provocation or question I pose elicits another question in your mind, then follow that path of reasoning until it makes sense to you. I once heard that a good question be-gets another question. Hopefully, this blog provides an opportunity for your own questions to be surfaced and expressed.

In the past...

I have run several blogs on different themes, and ran a marketing/brand development/web marketing business for a number of years. Whilst these sites have been closed (businessplanningmadeeasy.com and unlimitedebusiness.com), I hope and intend to revisit some of the ideas I shared on those sites, especially as it relates to effective leadership, management and engagement with others. Whether you run your own business, or operate as an internal consultant to others in your organsiation, I firmly believe that having a clear understanding of the value you want to create when engaging with others is a worthwhile investment or effort and time in relationships. Creating value through providing advice, services, delivery of projects, great team leadership, plus via many more avenues, enables organisations (private, public and non profit) to fulfil its visions and mission for existing.

Get in touch

I am on LinkedIn, so my professional profile provides more details about my career and connections. If you want to connect with me, please do so via LinkedIn. If you want to have a conversation with me, get in touch and let me know what you want to discuss and how you think the two of us can learn from and provide value to one another.