The What and How of Why

When we ask why, it is because we are trying to make sense of our contexts, our situation, of someone else’s behaviour. Sometimes, asking Why, when the answer is difficult to find, can disempower us in taking action and progressing with our work, personal lives and our relationships. But why?

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How to Experiment on Yourself, Safely

Cold showers and self-experiments - how having one can be a pathway to testing ideas for self-development. Use these approaches to approach your own self-experimentation in a safe and effective way to maximise learning.

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The Dark Side of Leadership

When expressed in the extreme, positive leadership traits can become dark and overbearing. It can happen slowly, subtly, and without realising it you can damage the team culture and spirit. The more leaders can be aware of the possibility of expressing their darker side, the more likely they are to notice when it starts, and to choose to change their actions accordingly.

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