Leadership Learning – Podcast list to get you started

In October last year I set out to learn from podcasts. I had already established a habit of learning from listening, as I spend time each week listening to audio books, so I thought the transition to including podcasts would be straightforward. And it was. I started with a couple of shows, added a few more, unsubscribed, added a few more again, and now have a selection I regularly listen to throughout the week.

If you are considering listening to podcasts as a form of learning, here is my current show list and why I listen to them. I listen using the PlayerFM app on Android, but these podcasts you can access through this app or the podcast app on your iPhone or iPad.

Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders podcastDave Stachowiak has been delivering this show for over 5 years, with over 355 shows now available in his library. I love this show for its variety of guest speakers, usually authors and experts in business, that share insights on their leadership, on topics such as culture development, management, wellbeing and other personal and professional topics. Dave does a great job with his preparation, the questions he asks, and provides heaps of information and links after the show (which you have to sign up for to get as an email). If the show is an interview with an author, Dave also provides access to any book notes he has taken when reading and preparing for the interview. Well worth it if the guest and topics are of interest to you.

  • Frequency – 1 per week, now with a member cast once per month as well as the weekly show
  • Focus – developing personal and professional [self] leadership
  • Format – interview style, 30-40 minutes
  • Find it – https://coachingforleaders.com/

Read to Lead

Read to Lead podcastJeff Brown has a fantastic voice. Others have said it on his show, and it is very true. As a previous radio broadcaster, Jeff brings his expertise to near and produces a high quality show that focuses on the lessons learned from a book, explored as an interview with the author. From guests such as Daniel Pink and Dan Heath, to industry-specific guests, Jeff’s conversations with these authors reveal insights and nuggets of stories that you may not get in the book, and help you decide if tat book is one you ought to add to your list. What I also love about this show is Jeff asks his guests what they are reading, and what lessons they have learnt from preparing and delivering public presentations. More than just an author-chat, this show is inspiring to listen to the musing, wonderings, and insights of a wide range of authors and experts.

  • Frequency – 1 per week
  • Focus – usually leadership or self development, sometimes focus on business or management themes
  • Format – 30 minutes interview
  • Find it – https://readtoleadpodcast.com/


EntreLeadership podcastThis show took me a while to get used to, but it is one of my favourites. Ken Coleman is a brilliant host, because you really feel his level of excitement and curiosity on behalf of the listeners (you and me) on the topic for the podcast. The show discusses business and management issues as well as leadership and personal effectiveness topics. Some of the shows I have recently enjoyed was hearing how Netflix established their organisational culture from the start and held true to it while they grew so quickly, and recorded presentations from conferences with speakers like Seth Godin and Simon Sinek. Ken’s style is very engaging, challenging and explores key aspects with his guests. Usually authors or experts in different business-related fields, this show also unpacks the guest’s own background and drivers as much as the insights they have shared in their own leadership practice and materials shared, such as books and blogs.

Lead to Win

Lead to Win podcastI got onto this show from listening to Michael Hyatt being interviewed on the Read to Lead podcast, in which he was interviewed about his book Your Best Year Ever. Michael’s blog, Lead to Win, is one of the most read blogs on leadership and personal productivity, and his podcast, delivered with his daughter, explores themes that also have related guest articles on his blog for that show. The show has interesting anecdotes as well as actionable steps that leaders can apply back in their practice. Often, Michael will also reference resources you can access from his blog to support the learning from the show. Oh, and if you listen, be sure to hang on to the end of the credits for occasional extras.

  • Frequency – 1 per week
  • Focus – Personal and professional leadership
  • Format – co-host discussion on a theme/topic, usually in 25-30 minutes
  • Find it – https://michaelhyatt.com/leadtowin/

The Look and Sound of Leadership

The Look and Sound of Leadership podcastTom Henschel’s executive coaching podcast is a slightly different style to the podcast outlined above. He uses story and narrative to explore a concept that he has coached clients through in the past. He relays the story so listeners can appreciate a real-world challenge and scenario, and then unpacks the lessons in the scenario and how to apply them. You can tell he has experience in drama, as he can weave an engaging narrative in a short time with great affect. I enjoy it as I find the narrative-style a different way to engage with and reflect on the lesson, and how Tom guides listeners in thinking through applying the lessons in their own lives.

  • Frequency – Usually 1 per week
  • Focus – personal and professional leadership, executive coaching
  • Format – narrative and instructional hosted show, usually 20 minutes
  • Find it – https://essentialcomm.com/podcast/

Harvard Business Review – Ideacast

Harvard Business Review Ideacast podcastThis show is one I don’t listen to as often as others, usually because the topic may not interest me as much. It airs content on business and management management from leading HBR thinkers and authors. It’s not a long show, but may have a business or leadership topics that will get your interest. The current topic (as of writing this post) is on how to become more self-aware.

A couple to come…

And finally, two more I have yet to listen to but will check out, are:

1-3-20 Daniel Pink podcast1-3-20 – Daniel Pink’s podcast where he explore one key theme, asks three questions and all in 20 minutes. I have listened to one, which was an interview with an author and business expert, but I like Dan’s books and way of thinking, so thought I would check out his show.

WorkLife TED podcastWorkLife by TED Talks – Following an interview with Adam Grant from EntreLeadership, I liked Adam’s sharing about how so many people are stressed about finding a work-life balance, but this is impossible and it is more about work-life management, meaning it is constant activity to balance and manage. I’ll see what the podcast is like and how it helps me in better managing work and life.

Listening isn’t learning without action

It’s one thing to be inspired by and take time to listen to content such as the shows in these podcasts, but that doesn’t guarantee learning transfer. One thing that I have worked at doing is capturing my reflections and thoughts on the content and lessons I listen to through journaling. Michael Hyatt even did a show in this a couple months back (check the Lead to Win archives). I encourage you to consider a way in which you take notes on what you listen to, whether it be through a journal, or a simple Lessons Learned Diary just for your podcast listening, but some way in which the noteables you hear are captured. By doing so, you can remember these more and use them to intentionally alter your behaviour and practice.

If you listen to podcasts let me know your recommendations, as I am always keen to listen and learn from others. Hope these summaries help you get started on your own podcast learning journey.

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