Corporate democracy – a new way of thinking for organisational design

Some may think he is irreverent, I think he is fresh and exciting. To design an organisational structure where employees can have the same power as the board members, can deliver on their commitments and then have their own time to do as they please, and where leaders are assessed every 6 months by their subordinates to determine if they should remain their leader? Sounds next to impossible to do, but in this TED talk, Ricardo Semler outlines how he has done this with great success over the past 30 years. He explains how it has helped create wisdom in people and freed up their agency  through the power of Choice.

It’s not so much that these processes are different, rather that they are curious. They come from a place of asking Why we do the things the way we do them? Who can we learn from? How can we learn? Why do we have to know the things we think we should know? It is a very courageous thing to do to ask these questions that potentially turn the structure of a company, school, or other culture upside down. But without asking, without exploring, the possible remains unknown and the wisdom remains undiscovered.

It takes a leap of faith to lose control, from those that are in control.

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