Passion, People or Process – What’s your Leadership Focus?

Everyone has a way of working they prefer - when all things are equal, their default mode if you will. What is not as clear is the degree this default mode changes when under pressure. For leaders, the impact is arguably greater as their behaviour and mode of working affects the wellbeing and effectiveness of their team.

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Rethinking Value and What is an Ethic of Care?

Some reflections on ideas about changing the paradigm of Value we collectively use to determine and shape individual and community wellbeing. Interested in your views and/or links to further readings/listening/viewing on this that you have found thought-provoking.

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Reflections on AI, Humanity and Systems Thinking

The next time you find yourself worried about the Rise of the Robots, the Advance of the Machine, or some other form of matrix-style future where AI and AGI have outstripped humanity in the evolutionary race, pause and reflect on the nature of these things. How different are they to ourselves? How different are they to the nature of those we live and work with?

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