Reflections on AI, Humanity and Systems Thinking

The next time you find yourself worried about the Rise of the Robots, the Advance of the Machine, or some other form of matrix-style future where AI and AGI have outstripped humanity in the evolutionary race, pause and reflect on the nature of these things. How different are they to ourselves? How different are they to the nature of those we live and work with?

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The Music of Leadership

How are your actions as a leader interpreted by those you lead? Are you deliberate with what you do, your mannerisms, your physical instruction? And importantly, how is what you do in concert with those you lead? Without a willing team you will not be able to create the music you and your team are capable of.

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Labels and Leadership

People are complex machines. We interact with others, experiences and our own internal drivers, the output of which is how we show up in the world. Though there exists a number of models that describe the various ways we behave, think and feel, what is true is we will often modify ourselves according to our environment. The opportunity is knowing this beforehand so we can maximise interactions with others.

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